Generosity is our privilege because of
his generosity toward us

Each one according as they purpose in their heart, so let them give, not grudgingly or of necessity; for God loves a cheerful giver.

– 2 Corinthians 9:7 –

This year, we have the opportunity for outreach in our Longview community for Christmas. New Covenant has partnered with Meals On Wheels to provide Christmas for several families in need in our community, many of which would not be able to have a Christmas of their own without this outreach. And we are excited to be able to share the love of Jesus with these families this Christmas!

Starting Sunday, November 27th, we will have white boxes available for pickup in the lobbies of both of our campuses. We ask that you take a box, fill the box with items from the Christmas wishlist for this particular person/family which can be found inside the box, and return the box during the week of December 11th. We ask that you not only provide the gifts that are requested on their wishlist, but go above and beyond! Be creative – write handwritten notes, add sweet treats and other fun things that they didn’t ask for. Fill the box and bless their socks off – be generous!

On December 18th, (the Sunday Before Christmas), we as a church body will get together and take the boxes to the homes of these families. We will deliver the gifts, pray for them, and show them the extravagant love of Jesus!

We know you are a generous church and you love so well – so we are excited to see how God is going to use you to be generous this Christmas!

Where do I pick up and drop off gift boxes?

Boxes will be in the expansion lobby (coffee bar area) at our South campus. You will fill out the tag located on the top of the box before taking the box (this helps us keep track of the boxes).

What if the items I’ve purchased doesn’t fit in the gift box?

We are asking that you only purchase items that can fit in the box.

Do I buy only the items on the list or can I add items that aren’t?

You can absolutely purchase items that are not on the wish list! You can be creative by baking a sweet treat, writing an encouraging note, etc.

May I donate financially if I do not want to fill a gift box?

Yes! You may donate to filling a box by bringing cash/check to the SBC table after the 1st, 2nd or 3rd service and a serve team member will be there to assist you. If you are writing a check, please make it out to: New Covenant Church P.O. Box 8053 Longview, Texas 75607

Do I meet with others to go and distribute the boxes or do I go alone?

Everyone will be meeting at our South campus to distribute the gifts on Sunday, December 18th. We will be delivering the gift boxes in groups. For everyone’s safety, we ask that no one deliver on their own.

What if we deliver the gift box and no one is home?

Great question! Please do not leave the box on the doorstep. Return all remaining boxes to our South campus and the NCC staff will make sure they get delivered

Do we wear NCC merch and is there anything particular we say at delivery?

Wearing an NCC shirt/sweater is not required but you are more than welcome to wear one. We will be going over what to say when you deliver the box the day of the outreach.

Can I take more than one gift box?

Definitely! You can take as many as you’d like. We encourage you to go in together with friends or fellow life group members!

How much should I spend per gift box?

The cost of each box will be different depending on the items purchased. Each gift box could possibly be $50-$100.