next steps

Our Next Steps classes are all about helping you grow! This 4-step process is designed to equip and empower you to know Jesus; grow in your relationship with him; discover your gifts, strengths, and purpose; and ultimately change your world around you!

These classes on one of the first four Sundays of the month at 11:15am at either campus. Or you can take them on demand online!

Discover New Covenant is the first step of our Next Steps process, and is where you can learn about our core values, our beliefs, our mission, and where you can become a member!

step 1

Spirit-Empowered Living is the second step of our Next Steps classes. It’s all about learning keys to living a life of Spirit-empowered prayer, vibrant worship, and a church life rich in fellowship, prayer, and ministry.

step 2

Spirit I.D. is the third step of our Next Steps classes. It’s all about discovering your Spiritual Identity, your gifts, and how God uniquely designed you.

step 3

Leadership Development is the fourth step of our Next Steps classes. It’s all about discovering what it really means to use your gifts to lead and serve others.

step 4