Welcome to the Table - We saved you a seat

We’re so excited to share a project that we’ve been working on: the “Around The Table Podcast”. This podcast is intended to serve our church family, bringing extra message material from Sunday messages, bonus topics that we haven’t discussed on Sunday through sermons, guest speakers, and even Q&A sessions where we pull from questions that you have sent us!

We have named this podcast, “Around The Table,” because great conversation, fellowship, growth, and healing all happen around the table. We believe there’s room for everyone around the table. No matter your walk of life, your history, your background, you can come to the table – and there’s a seat with your name on it.

join us 'around the table'

You can listen to the “Around The Table Podcast” on any of these three platforms! We drop a new episode every month, (not including miscellaneous bonus content.)

also available on YouTube

Watch our latest episode here, or check out all of Season 1!

be part of the discussion!

Part of our goal with the “Around The Table Podcast” is to answer questions that you may have and discuss topics that you might like to hear us discuss. So we want to hear from you! You can send us your questions a few different ways:

text 'table' to 903-200-3808

message us on facebook or instagram