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book, "The 5 love languages of children"

Discover how to speak your child’s love language in a way that he or she understands. Dr. Gary Chapman and Dr. Ross Campbell help you:

  • Discover your child’s love language
  • Assist your child in successful learning
  • Use the love languages to correct and discipline more effectively
  • Build a foundation of unconditional love for your child

Plus: Find dozens of tips for practical ways to speak your child’s love language.

It’s so hard to see our kids disappointed, especially when it seems like God should have answered one way, but he didn’t. In response, we parents tend to do one of two things: We either try to fix it by controlling and manipulating (“I’m going down to that school right now and demand they give you a different teacher!”) or we immediately spiritualize, dismissing the pain (“Well, God has a plan, so let’s get excited about that”).

How can we shepherd our kids when life doesn’t go according to plan?

article, "when god says no: shepherding your child through "unanswered" prayers

article, "five boundaries to put in place for your kids' new technology"

As parents, we’ve been charged with keeping our kids safe, and technology is included in that. If your kids got a new device recently, it’s important everyone is clear on how and when the device will be used. Here are some things to keep in mind when setting boundaries with your kids’ new technology.

things to do with your little one

Our team has prepared this fun activity for you to help encourage your children to create a habit of daily prayer, by giving them activities to complete daily that involve praying privately and for those around them! Pick one or two boxes each day to complete – the goal is to get 5 boxes in a row before the end of the week!

21 Days of prayer bingo

children's prayer guide

Walk alongside your child as they learn how to pray and what a daily prayer life looks like with this small guide that our team has put together for your family!

the parent cue app

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