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Christmas at New Covenant

The Christmas season can be full of phrases and vocabulary not everyone is familiar with, and Advent is often one of those phrases. So, what is Advent? Although not found in the Bible, Advent was created as a period of time where Christians focus on the coming birth of Christ. 

To get more detailed about What is Advent?, Advent was created around the time A.D. 480 as a time for Christians to fast and focus on the birth of Jesus and his second-coming (when He will return to take all Christians up to Heaven with Him). Since then, many churches across a multitude of denominations have adopted Advent and it has become a staple of the Christmas season. Now, when does Advent start? On the fourth Sunday before Christmas, and it traditionally ends on Christmas Eve.

During the Advent season, a common sight at many churches will be the Advent wreath, a single large candle in the middle with two smaller candles on each side. Each of the five candles represents a week leading up to Christmas and each week has its own theme: week one is hope, week two is peace, week three is joy, and week four is love; the candle in the middle is lit on Christmas Eve or Christmas day. 

experience box

This hands-on holiday experience box is Christmas magic made simple. It includes everything you need to make the countdown to Christmas meaningful and enjoyable. Let’s help our kids understand what makes this season important––celebrating faith and spending time together. 


In the midst of it all, it’s easy to forget to help our kids understand what makes this season important: spending time with loved ones and reflecting on the amazing gift of Jesus. Check out these articles below:

advent calendar

Celebrate the Christmas season with intentionality, fun, and joy. The two-page printable Advent calendar includes a countdown to Christmas on one page, and on the second page provides a list of activities and conversation prompts.

The Advent activities aren’t numbered so you can match them to the days that work best for your family. Select a few from this sheet or do all 25 throughout the month. You can even cut them out, put them in a bowl, and select randomly each day or sporadically throughout the month!